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Johnny Wyndham initially took the ‘sensible’ route in life, with a corporate career.

But, during board meetings, he would often find his mind wandering back to his upbringing in a large, close-knit family of food and drink connoisseurs, history buffs and storytellers who loved nothing more than after-dinner get-togethers to entertain each other with large tales over small snifters.
It was during one of these mind-wanderings that the idea for VanVino was born and Johnny immediately started plotting his great corporate escape to the life he dreamed of.

But it would be many years and quite a journey before his VanVino vision became a reality. The rest, as they say, is history-in-the-making…


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Johnny and the VanVino team can handle anything from intimate events for as little as eight people to crowds of one hundred. We can make suggestions or tailor your tasting to your special requirements. For quotes, bookings and events, vouchers or general queries complete the contact form below or call 07857 420448 or 01953 797556 . We can’t wait to hear from you.

Johnny Wyndham
Phone: 01953 797556
Mobile: 07857 420448
Email: johnny@vanvino.co.uk

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