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If you’re serious about rum (or ready to get serious about rum), then pull up a chair, acere – you’re in the right place.

VanVino rum tastings are suitable for all rum-lovers and will take you through the history, production methods, rum styles and the myths and legends surrounding the drink. Sampling four carefully selected rums, two long rum and mixers and a cocktail, you will soon see why rum is a culture not just a drink. Price £25.00 per person

But the first rule of rum club? Less talking more tasting.

Piracy, organized crime, revolutions, political persuasion and military insurgencies – rum has a long, underground history. Johnny and the VanVino team will lead you through rum’s murky past as you sample dark, gold, spiced and light rums that have travelled the seas from far-flung bars in corners of Cuba and the beautiful beaches of Barbados.

Johnny’s love for rum began late in sixth form at boarding school. A good friend from the Cayman Islands smuggled back a small bottle of Appleton rum after a visit home for Christmas. One night Johnny and Richard had a taste. Johnny was a fan immediately – revelling in rum’s smooth, soft caramel, loveliness! Ever since Johnny has enjoyed exploring for delicious rums from the West Indies and South American region.

Regularly described by Johnny as ‘history in a bottle’, Rum is a warming drink in the winter and a refreshing drink in the summer heat.


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