Are you planning a hen party in Norfolk?

If you are “lucky” enough to be the chosen one to plan a hen party in Norfolk and are looking for a unique and fun activity to enjoy with all the hens, a VanVino cocktail class could be the perfect choice. VanVino is based in Norfolk and provides mobile cocktail making classes all over the county, including Norwich, the Norfolk Broads and North Norfolk. VanVino is very proud to be based in Norfolk and enjoys providing cocktail classes in such a wide selection of places.

The stunning natural surroundings of the Norfolk Broads provides a picturesque backdrop for your cocktail class. As you sip your delicious cocktails, you’ll be surrounded by serene lakes, winding rivers, and pretty villages, such as: Wroxham, Horning and Coltishall, creating a relaxing atmosphere for your hen party.

If you are staying in the Norwich area, having a cocktail class in the city before a night is a great way to start a hen party. A cocktail class gives the perfect opportunity to break the ice and bond with your fellow hens before hitting the vibrant and lively city, packed with top-notch bars, stylish restaurants, and chic nightclubs.

One of the great things about a mobile cocktail making class is that it can be held anywhere and there are plenty of amazing holiday lets in North Norfolk. North Norfolk is a truly special place, with its stunning sea views, charming towns like Holt and Mundesley, and beautiful countryside. What could be better than ending a day on the beach with a cocktail making class!

Our classes are fun and interactive; a VanVino cocktail making class is a hands-on activity that gets everyone involved. You’ll learn how to mix and shake cocktails like a pro, and have a great time doing it.

Perfect for holiday lets: our cocktail classes can be hosted in the comfort of your holiday home, making it a convenient option for hen parties wishing to stay in. You won’t have to worry about transportation or finding a suitable venue, as the class can be brought to you.

A unique experience: making cocktails with VanVino is not your typical hen party activity, which makes it a great option for groups looking for something a little different. You’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills and try out some delicious cocktails, all while creating fun memories.

It’s led by experienced hosts: the VanVino team is made up of experienced hosts who will guide you through the cocktail-making process and offer tips and tricks along the way. You will all come away with skills you can use long after the party is over.

Why not give us a try!