Norfolk and Suffolk Wines

When it comes to wines, we often think of vineyards nestled in picturesque regions like Bordeaux or Napa Valley. However, the United Kingdom has quietly been cultivating its own wine scene, and Norfolk and Suffolk have emerged as hidden gems in this growing industry.

The counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, offer ideal conditions for grape cultivation. The unique combination of mild maritime climate, fertile soil, and gently sloping landscapes has created a flourishing wine industry in the region. From crisp whites to elegant sparkling varieties, these wines encapsulate the essence of the English countryside.

One standout wine from Norfolk is the award-winning Bacchus from Winbirri Vineyard This aromatic white wine has gained international recognition for its vibrant flavours and excellent craftsmanship. With notes of elderflower, tropical fruits, and a zesty finish, it perfectly embodies the unique terroir of the region. Winbirri Vineyard’s Bacchus has received numerous accolades, including the prestigious Decanter World Wine Awards, solidifying its position as one of the finest English wines available.

Bacchus is a hybrid grape created by crossing several grape varieties, including Silvaner and Müller-Thurgau. It was developed in Germany in the 20th century and has gained popularity in the United Kingdom, particularly in regions such as Norfolk and Suffolk.

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